On the 25th of September 2023, the European Commission introduced new regulations concerning intentionally added microplastics in consumer products. The initial measures, effective from October 2023, include a ban on loose polyester glitter and decorative objects from which glitter detaches during normal end use. These regulations have a direct impact on specific product lines offered by GEOTECH namely Geoglit®, Geoshine®, Geospectra®, Geocrystal® and Galaxy®.

Please refer to the official announcement by the European Commission for detailed information: European Commission Announcement.

At GEOTECH, we acknowledge and adhere to these regulatory changes. The product lines Geoglit®, Geoshine®, Geospectra®, Geocrystal® and Galaxy®, will be subject to these restrictions. However, it’s important to note that there are no restrictions on using these products as ingredients in other products. A transition period, extending at least until 2027, has been established for end products with a certain release of glitter.

We strongly recommend our customers carefully review the new regulations to assess their applicability to their products. GEOTECH supplies glitter as a raw material and the responsibility for the application and processing of our products lies with the buyer.

GEOTECH offers environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional glitter. Our Geonature®, Ecoglit®, Geoflake®, Geodiamond®, Geopearl® and Geopearl® Crystal product lines provide eco-friendly options.

If you have any questions regarding the impact of these regulations or need personalized advice, please reach out to your local sales contact. We are here to assist you in navigating these changes and finding the best sustainable solution for your specific needs.

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