Environmentally friendly ingredients are becoming more popular as the cosmetics industry develops and microplastic regulations come into effect. The majority of cosmetic products contain glitter, which is traditionally produced from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a “microplastic”, concerning a lot of consumers about the impact glitter has on the environment.

We are committed to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN) and make every effort to reduce and minimize the environmental impact of our special effect pigments. To achieve this, we focus on offering sustainable alternatives for traditional polyester-based glitter particles.

We are proud to say that we can provide a complete range of environmental friendly glittering effects for more sustainable formulations. During the last couple of years, we introduced a wide variety of coarse mica-based pigments with glittering effects. Furthermore, we introduced a new cellulose-based biodegradable glitter product line. Discover our eco-friendly alternatives:

Geopearl® C

The characteristic shimmer of the Geopearl® product line has been designed to match the unique lustre of natural pearls. The basic structure is a platelet of mica which is coated with a metal oxide. We offer titanium dioxide, iron oxide and colour-coated pearlescent pigments in coarse particle sizes of 20 – 150 micron (Sparkling), 20 – 250 micron (Glittering) and 50 – 500 micron (Twinkling). These pigments are extremely stable in all kind of formulations and provide sophisticated sparkle to your formulation.

Applications: Loose powders, lip products, nail products, pressed powders and water-based formulations.

Geopearl® C Crystal

Geopearl® Crystal is a range of premium quality synthetic pearlescent pigments. Compared to natural mica-based pearlescent pigments they offer a higher reflection in coarse particle sizes. Particle sizes of 20 – 150 micron (Sparkling), 40 – 250 micron (Glittering) and 50 – 1000 micron (Scattering) are available in various colours and effects. The total range contains over 70 products.

Applications: Loose powders, lip products, nail products, pressed powders and water-based formulations.

Geoflake® Crystal

Geoflake® is the name of a unique product line which represents the next generation of glittering effects in cosmetic formulations. Geoflake® is a coarse platelet of synthetic mica. The glittering flakes are unique in their narrow particle size distribution achieved by an innovative production process. It creates an optical effect which is very similar to traditional glitter.

Applications: Loose powders, lip products, nail products.


Geodiamond® effect pigments are exclusive speciality pigments based on borosilicate flakes. They bring products to life with brilliant colours and glittering effects. Geodiamond® pigments are coated with titanium dioxide, iron oxide, real silver (Ag) and more, resulting in unlimited possibilities for formulators looking for eye-catching glittering effects. A variety of particle sizes is available: 10 – 60 micron (XS), 10 – 100 micron (S), 20-150 (M), 50-200 (L), 100-500 (XL),

Applications: Loose powders, lip products, nail products, pressed powders.


The Geonature® glitter product line is based on PET-free cellulose. From an effect point of view, they are very similar to traditional glitter. The new 100 micron particle size allows cosmetic producers to use them for eye products like pressed and loose powders. This glitter is specifically designed to biodegrade in natural freshwater environments.

Applications: Loose powders, lip products, nail products, pressed powders.

It is chemistry, so the alternatives for traditional PET glitter cannot be used as a 1:1 drop-in in formulations. It depends on the type of formulation which of the products is the best replacement. Contact our chemists if you need help fixing or enhancing an existing formulation.