Geoflake® is the name of an unique product line which provides glittering effects avoiding traditional glitter. The Geoflake® product range was developed specifically as an environmental friendly alternative for polyester glitter. With upcoming regulation related to microplastics the industry is looking for sustainable alternatives.

The basic structure of Geoflake® is a coarse, platelet of coated synthetic mica. We offer titanium dioxide, iron oxide and colour coated glittering mica flakes.

The Geoflake® product line contains a stunning amount of 15 products. Silver, White, Red Gold, Royal Blue, Green, Lavender, Salmon and Rainbow are the eight colours available in two particle sizes; XL, approx. 350 micron and XXL, approx. 750 micron.

The glittering flakes are unique in their narrow particle size distribution achieved by an innovative production process. It creates an optical effect which is similar to precision cut glitter. The Geoflake® product line is our answer to a strong request from the industry to replace traditional polyester glitter. The new range includes interesting alternatives for the main used polyester glitter shades silver, gold and iridescent.

Geoflake® glittering mica flakes are nontoxic and comply to the main regulations.

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