Special effect pigments for the printing industry

We have over 40 years of experience in the field of special effect pigments for printing applications. Our pigments are used in a wide variety of products like packaging (food and cosmetics), product labels, textile, greeting cards just to name a few applications. They add a luxurious special effect to differentiate consumer products.


Our product lines for the printing industry

conventional natural mica pearlescent pigments

premium synthetic mica pearlescent pigments

sophisticated sparkling glass flakes

premium brilliant particles

premium brilliant iridescent particles

premium brilliant holographic particles


For the production and distribution of raw materials we maintain the highest quality standards. We have a fully equipped laboratory in Haarlem, The Netherlands. In this laboratory all materials are evaluated intensively on a batch to batch basis. Next to these quality control activities experienced chemists translate the latest trends in the printing industry into trendy finished products.

We provide regular technical trainings on formulating with special effect pigments. By offering these services we aims to establish a professional, long term cooperation with our partners and customers.

This way of working resulted in a large and satisfied group of customers; we serve more than 750 customers spread all around the world.

discover how our special effect pigments can enhance your products