Natureglit® Glitter Sparkles with Sustainability

Natureglit® biodegradable glitter is an environmentally friendly product line of precision-cut particles crafted from a cellulose-based film. The glitter is known for its high brilliance and fabulous reflection, contributing to a stunning effect while aligning with eco-conscious values. The versatility and superior quality of Natureglit® glitter make it ideal for a wide range of products.

Crafted from a 35 micron brilliant metallized cellulose foil, the Natureglit® product line is available in a vibrant array of colours and particle sizes of 200 and 400 micron (0.008 and 0.015 inches). The cellulose is derived from wood pulp sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Natureglit® glitter particles break down naturally according to the OECD Guideline 301F test method, achieving a biodegradation of > 71% in just 28 days. This makes them a significantly more environmentally friendly choice compared to traditional glitter, which can take much longer to decompose and pollute the environment.
It’s important to note that while the glitter itself biodegrades, the product line contains a non-biodegradable polymer coating. Therefore, full compliance with EU microplastic regulation 2023/2055 depends on the final application of the glitter. To ensure compliance for your specific use, please refer to the regulation details and consult with a qualified expert if needed.

Choose Natureglit® biodegradable glitter to elevate your product with a touch of reasonably priced eco-friendly brilliant particles.

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