Inspired by the warm and natural hues of a Californian sunset, this trend offers a range of intense metallic earthy tones that are designed to add a warm, luminous glow to the skin without including any metals like aluminium or copper.

The Californian Sunset colour concept is created using GEOTECH’s new range of intense metallic pearlescent pigments based on synthetic mica. The Geopearl C Crystal product line is a collection of effect pigments available in a variety of colours and particle sizes, ranging from matte to glittering effects. 

The six new special effect pigments in the Geopearl C Crystal line are:

These pigments are globally approved and can be used without restrictions, allowing formulators to create safe eye and lip products providing a metallic effect. They contain no natural impurities and have an exceptionally low heavy metal content that complies with the strictest cosmetics requirements.

According to GEOTECH’s cosmetics chemist, Lieke Boer, “The new Geopearl C Crystal shades are perfect for developing make-up products showing metallic effects. The Californian Sunset concept features intense earth tones with a warm, natural and luminous effect. It includes formulations for nail polishes, lip glosses, eyeliners, and loose powders, offering high coverage, superior colour intensity and a smooth feel.”

The new Titanium and Amber shades have a particle size distribution of 10–100 microns, providing both covering and brightness to cosmetics formulations. The new Bronze, Copper, Russet and Pumpkin Orange shades have a particle size distribution of 10–60 microns, enabling cosmetics developers to create a near infinite range of visual effects.

Download here the formulations:

Californian Sunset – Gallery