Fairytale Blue colour concept features delicate yet bright shades of blue and green that inspire you to create a dreamy outlook. Bringing inspiration from fairy tales, which often incorporate fantasy, supernatural or make-believe aspects and magical elements, this colour concept captures the enchanting atmosphere of these stories.

To achieve this magical effect, Geopearl C and Geopearl C Crystal pearlescent pigments have been used. These pearlescent pigments have been designed to match the unique lustre of natural pearls, providing excellent coverage and a smooth feeling on the skin, resulting in unsurpassed performance in brightness and colour play. 

The pigments included in this colour concept are:

These pigments are globally approved and can be used without restrictions, allowing formulators to create safe eye and lip products providing a metallic effect. They contain no natural impurities and have an exceptionally low heavy metal content that complies with the strictest cosmetics requirements.

The formulations include nail polish, lip gloss, eyeliner and loose powder, all of them designed to capture the essence of a fairytale. Geopearl C and Geopearl C Crystal pigments are globally approved for use in cosmetic products, ensuring their safety and suitability for use in various formulations.

Download here the formulations:

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