Building on the legacy of purple as a symbol of wealth and power throughout history, the Royal Purple colour concept emanates the regal essence of this luxurious colour. With its deep and rich hues, it evokes feelings of trust and reliability, creating a sense of sophistication and exclusivity.

The formulations included in this concept feature Geodiamond effect pigments, exclusive specialty pigments based on borosilicate flakes, that bring products to life with brilliant colour and glittering effects. The white and interference Geodiamond pigments out-perform traditional mica-based pearlescent pigments, creating an exceptionally high visual impact.

The pigments included in this colour concept are:

These pigments are globally approved and can be used without restrictions, allowing formulators to create safe eye and lip products providing a metallic effect. They contain no natural impurities and have an exceptionally low heavy metal content that complies with the strictest cosmetics requirements.

The Royal Purple colour concept offers a luxurious experience with nail polish, lip gloss, eyeliner and loose powder, each formulated for unparalleled performance in coverage, durability and a exceptional
feeling on the skin.

Download here the formulations:

Royal Purple – Gallery