Our Timeless Black colour concept draws inspiration from the timeless elegance of deep black. Midnight Black®, also known as D&C Black 2, boasts a rich, deep hue that distinguishes it from the rest.

This revolutionary pigment is FDA certified and complies with cosmetic regulations in the EU, US and Japan, making it ideal for use in eyeliners, mascara and nail polish, all featured in this colour concept.
Approved by premium brand owners and major private label manufacturers, this revolutionary pigment is an inert pigment and its manufacturing process ensures batch-to-batch consistency.
Additionally, we offer ‘ready-to-use’ Midnight Black® dispersions, simplifying production while enhancing the pigment’s colour tone, ensuring effortless formulation and superior results every time.

The pigments included in this colour concept are:

These pigments are globally approved and can be used without restrictions, allowing formulators to create safe eye and lip products providing a deep black effect.

The formulations include nail polish, pen eyeliner, wax based eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, mascara and lip colour.

Formulations in the colour concept: