Our Sophisticated Boho colour concept is inspired by the earthy charm of terracotta shades. This colour concept blends warm terracotta tones, offering a rich and versatile palette for your cosmetic formulations.
With this new colour concept, we are introducing a range of four terracotta pigments – Geopearl C Crystal Silk Terracotta with particle sizes ranging from 5 to 25 micron, for formulators to create a diverse array of skin tones.
Based on synthetic mica flakes coated with iron oxides and triethoxycaprylylsilane, our Geopearl C Crystal Silk Terracotta pigments offer hydrophobic properties, ensuring exceptional stability.
These pigments disperse well in oil and wax-based formulations, promising superior performance and vibrant results, making them perfect for foundations, concealers, blushes, sunscreens, bronzers and highlighters, eye shadows, lipstickes, brow and eye liners.

The pigments included in this colour concept are:

Formulations in the colour concept: